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Staffing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Some specialize in temporary work, while others focus on long-term careers. But in the end, the goal is always the same: to match a company with a prospective employee that has all the right skills to succeed in the position. Agencies can help alleviate some pressures of the job search, like scrolling online to find relevant positions. And the best part? These services are completely free to job candidates.

Once you understand the difference between recruitment agencies, staffing services and temp agencies, it’s easy to get started and find the career you’ve been looking for. Learn more about work agencies and how to use them below.

Learn How Using a Temp Agency Can Land You a Job in Days
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Temp service jobs can be found across various job fields and industries. The idea behind temporary work is simple: you (as the employee) will provide your services for a short period of time. In return, you receive:

  • Competitive pay;
  • Experience in the field; and
  • The chance to turn it into a long-term career.

Temporary work agencies take some of the stress away from the job search process. Why spend hours scrolling through online job boards when the agency can do it for you? 

Rather than applying to a job, you apply to an agency. If the temp agency is in need of someone with your skillset, you will likely get called in for an interview. Just like applying to a job, you may need to provide a resume and references prior to getting accepted by the agency.

After you’re accepted, the temp agency will work to match you with a short-term position that is hiring immediately. Once you are placed into the position, the agency pays you directly. That’s because the employer is paying the agency to provide them with an employee. 

One of the biggest perks of temp service jobs is gaining experience in a short window of time. If the temporary position you land isn’t your long-term employment goal, you can still come away with industry knowledge and experience that you can take to another position in the future. 

“Temping work,” which stems from the word “temporary,” is a term used to generalize this type of employment. But temp work isn’t always short-term. In fact, you may find a temp position that can lead to long-term employment down the road. Depending on the employer and the type of work you do, you may be able to turn your temp work into a full-time role.

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