Here Are the Best Jobs for Your Teenage Child

Here Are the Best Jobs for Your Teenage Child

If you’re keen for your teenage child to start gaining valuable work experience and key life skills, you may be searching for jobs hiring teens near me. This is especially true if your teenager has expressed an interest in earning their own money and gaining a bit of independence. To discover a variety of jobs which are suitable for teenagers with no work experience, simply continue reading to learn about a few possible job options for your teenage child. As there are part-time jobs to suit different skill sets and interests.


1. Restaurant Worker

If you’re searching for good jobs for teenagers, you may want to consider encouraging your child to apply for jobs at local restaurants. As local restaurants offer evening jobs, weekend jobs and summer jobs, which will work within your teenage child’s schedule.

Furthermore, most restaurants don’t require new wait staff or kitchen hands to have previous work experience and will offer on the job training. Better yet, if your child is confident, hard working and friendly, they won’t have any trouble earning tips to supplement their hourly wage.

If your child is interested in working at a restaurant, they should apply for restaurant jobs at local restaurants which your family regularly visits, in order to increase their chances of being offered an entry level position.

2. Tutor

If your teenage child earns high grades at school, they may be interested in tutoring other students at their high school. Such as younger students and students their own age who are struggling to pass specific classes. Working as a tutor will teach your child valuable skills such as communication skills and leadership skills.

One reason why your teenage child should work as a tutor is that they won’t have any difficulty finding students at their school who are need of regular tutoring sessions. Your child may even offer tutoring sessions at their school’s library before school or during their lunch break. As well as after school sessions. If your child is interested in online jobs for teens, they can also offer online tutoring sessions using a video messaging app.

3. Grocery Store Clerk

If you’re currently researching part-time jobs for teens, it’s well worth noting that most grocery stores always have available job openings which your child can apply for. If your child is comfortable dealing with customers they may want to apply for a checkout position. Alternatively your child may prefer applying for a job restocking shelves in the evenings. 

If your child wants to save as much money as possible towards college or a big purchase such as purchasing their first car, they’ll appreciate the fact that it’s easy to pick up extra hours at a grocery store. For example during the summer break your child may want to work full time hours, until school starts again. 

4. Lifeguard

One of the best jobs for teenagers that your child may be interested in applying for is a lifeguard position at a local swimming pool or water park. As lifeguards are responsible for the safety of swimmers, lifeguard positions usually pay a competitive hourly rate. 

However, in order to be offered a position as a lifeguard, your child may have to pass a swimming test which may involve dragging a weighted dummy out of a pool without assistance. So ensure that your child is reasonably fit and a strong swimmer before encouraging them to apply for a local job as a lifeguard . 

5. Social Media Manager

Your teenager may be able to use their social media skills in order to help small local businesses increase their customer base. As most teenagers know how to create social media posts that will appeal to social media users. If your teenager has an entrepreneurial spirit they may want to talk to the owners of local businesses about running their social media pages for a trial period. As if they can prove to businesses that they can increase their following and hits to their website, businesses will be likely to offer them on-going work. 

So if you’ve been searching for high-paying jobs for teenagers, it’s well worth pitching the idea of becoming a social media manager to your entrepreneurial teen. 

6. Dog Walker

If there are individuals in your street who don’t have the time to walk their dogs on a regular basis, they may want to hire your teenager to walk their dogs for them. As an example, your child may be able to earn money by walking dogs for elderly neighbors or busy young families. Alternatively, your child can also find dog walking clients on handy dog walking apps which connect dog walkers with local dog owners. 

One reason why dog walking can be a lucrative job is that your teen may be able to walk a couple of dogs at the same time in order to increase their earnings. 

7. Car Wash Attendant

One of the jobs for teenagers which doesn’t require any previous work experience is the position of a car wash attendant. As a car wash attendant your child will be responsible for washing the exterior of cars, drying cars, polishing cars, vacuuming the interior of cars and cleaning car seats. If your child is passionate about cars or is simply looking for a simple easy to complete job, they may want to consider applying for the role of a car wash attendant. If your teenager asks you about easy jobs for teenage students, definitely mention working as a car wash attendant. 

8. Camp Counselor:

If your child loved attending summer camp as a kid and has baby sitting experience under their belt, they may want to apply for a position as a camp counselor. Especially if they love the great outdoors, spending time with children and have a special skill which they can teach campers. Such as how to play a specific sport or how to create fun arts and crafts projects. 

One of the reasons why being a camp counselor is one of the best summer jobs for teens is that working as a camp counselor is a lot of fun and doesn’t seem like work. To find local camps which are hiring new camp counselors simply conduct a search for part-time jobs near me for teens.