Easiest Online Certifications to Complete in Your Free Time

Easiest Online Certifications to Complete in Your Free Time

The current pandemic has increased the need to gain new skills. COVID-19 has redefined how work is done globally. While conventional (offline) jobs are still available, there’s an increasing need for businesses to move online. Therein lies the opportunity for people to prepare themselves for online work.

A great way to start is to seek online certifications. As you go about your regular job, you can complete many online certifications during your free time and increase your chances of securing new sources of income or supplementing your existing income. We’ve gone through the trouble of finding and discussing the easiest online certifications to complete in your free time today!

Online CPR Certification

In the current pandemic, the importance of having basic first aid training can’t be overemphasized. Even if you aren’t seeking active employment, you could seek online CPR certification and help the most vulnerable individuals in the current pandemic.

There are countless places to get CPR certification. The American Red Cross is one of the best places. One of Red Cross’s missions is training people on preparing as well as responding to emergencies. CPR certification classes can help you offer emergency assistance to persons with breathing or cardiac problems.

Red Cross has made certification simple, fast, and easy. You can get a digital CPR certificate anytime, anywhere, and access the certificate anytime via your Red Cross Account. Online CPR certification by the American Red Cross comes with certificates with unique QR codes and IDs. The certification also meets employment requirements allowing you to access employment opportunities.

Besides the Red Cross, the American Heart Association (AHA) also offers online CPR certification.

Food Handlers Certificate

If you don’t mind taking a new job or another job in the food industry, you can focus on getting a food handlers certificate. The certification is readily available online such as the NRFSP, StateFoodSafety, or efoodhandlers. This certification will offer the skills and knowledge you require to handle food for human consumption. Regulators, food managers, and trainers are assured that holders of this certification are equipped to handle food safely as per the latest FDA guidelines and industry practices. You can get a food handlers certificate today and land a job in any food sector from preparation to handling and delivery.

Certificate in Data Analytics

It’s also fast and easy to secure online data analytics certification in the U.S. today. Data is undoubtedly the “backbone” of all successful online businesses today. If you are willing to get into big data analytics, you need to be certified first. While the demand for data experts is high, getting certified experts is hard. This challenge is evident, given the increasing demand for data analytic skills and certifications.

You can kick start your career in data analytics by securing certification. Certification measures the knowledge and skills you have against the specific industry and benchmarks required to prove to an employer you are the right person for the job. You can find all the top data-related certifications online from aCAP to CCA , among many others, including Microsoft’s Azure Data Scientist Certification.

Alternatively, you can get a certificate in business analytics if you are keen on taking advantage of emerging opportunities that take data-driven approaches. Business analytics is a field that uses data modeling and statistics to develop business insights. If you have an interest in tech and big data, you can find a business analytics certificate program here.

TABC Certification

Individuals keen on working in Texas can get TABC certification (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) certification and work in the alcoholic beverages sector. TABC certification shows that you are trained to sell, serve, and do any other alcohol-related tasks i.e., adhering to alcohol sale regulations to minors. All servers, bartenders, and anyone else who serves, sells, delivers, or dispenses alcohol in Texas must be certified. Individuals who supervise, manage, direct or control sale/service of alcoholic beverages should also be certified. You can get TABC certification here.

Online Marketing Certification

You can also get a digital marketing certificate and kick start your career in internet marketing. The internet marketing world has limitless opportunities. With businesses moving online globally, there is a high demand for online marketing skills. Individuals who know how to market businesses online in many ways i.e., through ads, social media, creating content, search engine marketing, creating sales funnels, among many other methods, have limitless opportunities to make money online today. You can get certification via the Digital Marketing Institute and many other renowned online marketing training sites. You can also use academic tools to find certification programs that match your preferences.

Associates Degrees Online

Lastly, you can choose to secure an associates degree online and kick start a new career. Associate degrees are undergraduate degrees falling between high school diplomas and bachelor’s degrees. You can gain skills faster to secure employment as you pursue further studies. Generally, you can complete your associate’s degree online in half the time it takes to secure a bachelor’s degree. While specific requirements vary depending on the program and institution you choose, online associate degrees offer a faster and easier way to advance your career or pursue a new field today. The US has many online associate degree institutions and options to consider.

While there are many other online certifications and online certificate programs you can pursue fast and easy, the above options come highly recommended. You can gain new skills fast and start a new career or advance your existing career taking advantage of emerging opportunities currently. You can get a job with emergency medical services companies with CPR certification or work as a volunteer. You can also handle, prepare, or deliver food when you secure a food handlers certificate. TABC certification will give you access to many opportunities in the alcoholic beverages industry. You can even decide to become a data scientist and take advantage of the most popular tech jobs today. What’s more, you can start your journey to securing a bachelor’s degree by getting an associates degree first. Getting started is fast and easy.