Top Jobs for People With Little to No Experience

Top Jobs for People With Little to No Experience

Having a job doesn’t mean being restricted to your degree or background. Certain jobs require no experience, which is perfect if you’re looking for a new job or wanting to change your career. The best thing about no experience jobs is no matter your background and expertise, you can apply for work. 

It’s a bonus that these jobs also pay well and is something you can turn into a full-time job. Certain jobs for non experienced individuals even allow you to stay at home. In this article, we’ll be talking about the top jobs for people with little to no experience.

1. Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is one of the high paying jobs with no experience. All you need to qualify is passing the height requirements, having adequate customer service skills, and a pleasing personality. For education, they only require a high school diploma to be able to apply as a flight attendant. 

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most highly demanded industries in the world, which is why it also pays a remarkable amount to those who qualify as flight attendants. This is one of the experience good pay jobs that require you to undergo a three to six-month training, where you’ll need to pass an FAA-mandated exam before you earn as a flight attendant. 

The best part of this job is you get to travel all over the world for free, letting you satisfy your wanderlust and have all kinds of adventures.

2. Sales Representative

Applying to be a sales representative is one of the best choices if you’re looking for jobs near me with no experience. It doesn’t require a lot to enter the world of sales, especially as a sales representative. All you need is an outgoing and enthusiastic personality and a high school diploma. 

As long as you have the willingness to learn and be trained, you can earn a lot with this career. However, sales isn’t for everyone as introverted people normally have trouble being a sales representative. This can be an exhausting job if you’re not someone who’s naturally sociable and who knows how to sell products and services.

3. Administrative Assistant

It doesn’t require much to be an administrative assistant, especially as it falls under work from home jobs with no experience. If you’re used to doing administrative tasks such as booking meetings, arranging phone calls, or organizing files, you’ll be perfect as an administrative assistant. 

Companies are both hiring administrative assistants as full-time employees or as remote work, so this is something you can do even at home. This is essential in any company or brand as employees can’t do their jobs while inserting admin tasks all at once, which is why administrative assistants are in demand. 

In fact, this is the most recommended job role if you’re looking for part-time jobs with no experience as this is also considered as a side hustle or passive income. If you simply want additional income on top of your regular income, you can choose to be a virtual administrative assistant.

4. Insurance Claims Adjuster

Despite being in the finance area, you don’t need any experience or background to apply as an insurance claims adjuster. If you’re looking for jobs hiring with no experience, this is perfect if you’ve always wanted a finance job or you’re skilled at finance. 

You’re basically entering your way into the insurance industry as an insurance claims adjuster. All you need is a high school diploma to apply for this job and similar to the jobs above, you need basic customer service skills. Even as you have no knowledge whatsoever of the insurance industry as a whole, they’ll train you in your first month.

5. Customer Service Agent

Companies are always looking to outsource customer service agents to help deal with customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints. This is one of the recommended online jobs with no experience, especially if you already have customer service experience, with a pleasing personality and high patience. 

All you need is a fast internet connection, a laptop and as for the rest, normally the company would be provide it for you when you’re doing remote work. It’s a concrete job wherein you simply interact and engage with customers in your entire shift, that’s where your job description revolves around.

6. Freelance Writer

In the more creative aspect of things, you can apply for a freelance writer as it’s one of the easiest jobs to apply to even without concrete experience. Normally, freelance platforms just require a simple test from you to pass and you’re good to go. It’s also easy to find clients as so many brands need content today. However, you need to be fluent in your English writing skills and the same goes for your sentence structure and grammar. Being a freelance writer is one of the tasks that can be done wherever you are in the world, so you can do this at home.

7. Online Tutor

If you love kids, various people are teaching online as a full-time job and it pays adequately. You don’t need past tutoring experience needed to apply as an online tutor – a college degree would suffice for some platforms. Similar to applying as a writer, all you need is a fast internet connection and a working laptop to start earning as an online tutor. This is perfect for you if you aspire to share your knowledge with others, especially kids and young adults. You’ll be helping them with their homework and teach them basic skills, aside from the subject itself.

In conclusion, we hope our list was able to shed insight into top jobs for people with little to no experience. You don’t have to worry if you’re thinking of a career shift, don’t have a job, or simply want additional income as all of the mentioned above don’t require concrete background to apply. Besides, skills are easy to learn, which is why they mostly just require a high school diploma.