Learn About the 6 Most Marketable Online Certificates

Learn About the 6 Most Marketable Online Certificates

While recruiting new workers, hiring managers keep an eye out for certain qualities in a prospective employee, keeping one main question in mind: How will the candidate improve the organization, especially when compared to others? One proven way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is to pursue online certifications or courses. In the last few years, the popularity of online courses and certifications have increased dramatically. Traditional colleges are now offering numerous courses as well as degree programs online. 

Research has shown that enrollment in online colleges increased rapidly even as college enrollment diminished across the United States. Today, millions of people study online while at least 25% of all higher education students will enroll for at least one online certificate course.

The Benefits of Online Certifications

One of the reasons online certifications are so sought after is that they are a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade your resume in a short amount of time.

An extra online certification or course will boost both the value of your resume and the recruiter’s interest in your services. What is more, an extra online certificate course gives you a great chance to become better than your competitors. 

Completing an online certification is, in itself, a bonus to your skills and experience if taken at face value. However, it also shows that you took the initiative to improve yourself and demonstrates your resilience, drive, and dedication to your career. These are all essential qualities that potential employers usually look for in fresh workers.

Additionally, earning certifications will keep you current with the latest industry trends, technology as well as other numerous related career areas that are constantly evolving. By remaining relevant and educated, you are simply giving yourself a much greater opportunity to advance your career. By incorporating certificates into your already impressive resume, you are telling your potential employer that you are an expert in that particular field and that they should hire you if they haven’t already!

Most Marketable Online Certifications

The rise of online learning only means that there is no shortage of online certifications you can take to boost your career. As a thumb of rule, it is always better to pursue an online certificate program that is relevant to your field. Below are some of the courses that many HR professionals agree are worth your time and effort.

Project Management Certification Online (PMP)

Of course, nearly anybody can claim to have the organizational as well as the leadership skills of a qualified project manager, but an online certification in this field will significantly boost your resume. This course is usually intended to equip learners with basic management skills applicable in aspects of management. Project management skills are applicable in nearly any organizational setting and can be the perfect way to leverage personal value to a company. 

As a qualified project management professional, you can be called upon to evaluate and implement both short and long-term business objectives, making certain any unforeseen problems have been anticipated and resolved accordingly. Getting PMP certification usually takes years, but it is worth it. Currently, project managers earn an average of $145,000 annually.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification Online

If you are a qualified healthcare professional, enrolling for a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification online is arguably one of the best things you can do to boost your resume as a professional. Many employers in the medical field tend to look favorably on job prospects who are certified and boast the ability to carry out basic first aid, and this includes the ability to safely administer life-saving procedures such as CPR. 

BSL training through CPR certification will equip you with all the necessary skills you need to enhance your chances of being hired. In some instances, employers may demand BLS certification as part of their recruitment eligibility criteria.

Certificate in Business Analytics

If you are in the business sector, boosting your education to stand out from the competition ist a must. One of the best ways to achieve this dream is to enroll for an online course in a certificate in business analytics. In simple terms, business analytics means the way raw data is gathered, strategically analyzed, and ultimately used to influence various business decisions. 

Today, virtually every business, regardless of size or industry, has access to loads of data that need to be analyzed to influence its decision-making process. This only implies that individuals with business analytical skills are, and will always remain in high demand.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification

Whether you are just starting your career in the health sector, ready for a change, or is looking to boost your career, there is no better time to become a certified nurse assistant. As a qualified nurse assistant, you will become an integral part of today’s world of health care, because you will have garnered all the important skills and knowledge that are always in high demand. You’ll work in many environments, including long-term residential care facilities and hospitals, offering patients with basic care such as dressing, bathing, meal delivery, and even feeding, if necessary.

Paralegal Online Certification

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is projected that there will be about 39,000 new paralegal jobs in the next eight years. Paralegals enjoy exciting and well-paying career opportunities in law. And if you are an individual with exceptional analytical and critical thinking abilities, communication skills as well as a knack for research, there is no doubt you’ll thrive in this area. There are lots of paralegal courses that you can pursue online. However, it is important to mention that those having degrees in another discipline usually get the best paralegal certificate online programs.

Certificate in Teaching

For many instructors, teaching remains one of the most rewarding and most recession-proof careers. This is because even during times of economic struggle, countries, and communities will always need teachers. What’s more, it is a profession that is expected to experience a steady increase with millions of new job openings expected in the next decade or so. 

The bottom line is that while teaching can be a highly demanding and tough task, for individuals looking to make an impact on society, it can be one of the most satisfying professions. Plus, you do not need to attend a traditional college to earn your degree in teaching. Just can enroll in an online class and earn your teaching degree online.