Ready to work with a temp agency, staffing agency or recruiter? Getting started is simple. Once you choose the type of work agency that fits your needs, the rest is a breeze! There are a few different ways you can get started, depending on the agency you want to work with. For example, many staffing agencies post open positions on popular online job boards, allowing you to apply directly online.

Don’t wait – start earning your next paycheck by getting started with a work agency. Learn how to find jobs through recruitment agencies, staffing companies and temp companies below.

Learn How to Get Started With a Staffing Company & Start Earning $$$!
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Whether you’re looking for short-term work through a temp agency or permanent employment with a job recruiter, the process of getting started is quite similar. To get started with an employment agency, follow these 3 easy steps. First, Apply. Second, Attend an interview. Finally, Accept or deny the position.

Applying to a staffing company – or any other type of work agency – can be done in a couple different ways. You can apply to a job posted by the agency, or apply directly with the agency itself. Most staffing companies and recruitment agencies post job openings online.

In fact, if you’ve ever replied to a job listing on sites like Indeed, Monster or CareerBuilder, chances are you responded to an employment agency at one point or another.  

If you already know of an employment agency you are interested in working with, you may choose to apply directly with the agency. This generally requires you to contact the agency and set up an interview, during which time you will advise the agency of the type of employment you want. 

No matter how you apply to a work agency, the next step is the interview. Interviews for temporary work tend to be the shortest and least detail-oriented, while recruitment interviews generally take the longest. 

If the interview goes well, the final step is to accept or deny the position for which you interviewed. The agency will discuss the specifics of the position, like whether the job is short-term, long-term or has a trial period of any kind. If you accept, you can typically begin working shortly thereafter. 

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