Get Help With Your Resume & Land Your Dream Job

A well crafted resume can make all the difference between getting hired for your dream job or getting passed over for another candidate. You may have a ton of experience in your field, but if your resume is messy or does not fully reflect the extent of your job history, then you might be selling yourself short and employers can overlook you. 

If you need help with your resume there are various types of resume-writing services and helpful tips that can create a professional resume to help you land your next position.

Increase Your Chance of Getting Hired With Resume Writing Services
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A good resume-writing service will be able to present your skills, qualifications, and experience with a professional resume that is attractive to employers. However, there are many resume services out there and some are better than others so it is important to be able to identify a credible service.

Here are some points to consider when you are ready to hire professional assistance for your resume. 

Does this service have a professional looking website? A good resume service website should clearly explain how the service works and what the associated fees are.

Am I able to see samples of completed resumes that this service has created? Most resume services will display examples of resumes completed by their writers. These sample resumes should be succinct and easy to understand. They should also clearly represent the career aspirations and industry of each client. If you like the look of a resume service but their site does not have easily accessible samples you should contact them to ask to see a few examples of their work.

Are there positive reviews from past clients? Resume-writing services usually include testimonials from past clients. Make sure to review these comments as well as look for reviews for the company on unaffiliated websites, such as Google and LinkedIn. 

Is this a credentialed company? There are qualifications that resume writers can be certified with. You should look for a resume writing service whose writers have at least one of the following credentials:

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) 
  • Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW) 
  • Master Resume Writer (MRW) 
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) 
  • National Resume Writer’s Association (NRWA) 

Do not let a poorly written resume get in the way of building your career. Learn how to seek help with your resume and what else to look for in a resume writing service.

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