Learn About Popular Student Grants for Women, Minorities, and More

College and university tuition is expensive. Classes and tuition can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars plus the cost of books, supplies, and other fees.

If you are worried about paying for your education, you should consider applying for a grant. Grants for college are payments that you do not have to pay back. A grant gives you free money towards your education costs.

The Best Student Grants for Women
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Specific demographics, like women and minorities, can qualify for free grant money if they know where to apply.

Whether you are a young woman looking to start a career or older and returning to the workforce, you can apply for grants and scholarships specifically for women. You can oftentimes find scholarships and grants online and directly through your school.

Some female-focused grants include the following:

  • The Go Girl! Grant allocates women older than 25 years of age with funds from its $500,000 fund each year. The grant focuses on women who have a financial need and a passion for their future careers. To apply, you will need to submit a one-page autobiography, details about your professional goals, and at least three references. If you make it to the next round, you will also need to interview for the grant. You can apply for the Go Girl! Grant twice a year, before December 15thand June 15th.
  • The Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund is available for low-income women 35 years of age or older who are pursuing their associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or a trade skills certification. You must also be a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident. The Rankin Scholarship is renewable for up to five years. You can apply between November and February each year. 
  • The Society of Women Engineers Scholarship gives funds to women going for degrees in engineering and computer science. Funds from this scholarship range from $1,000 to $16,000. You can apply for the scholarships two times a year depending on your level. If you are a freshman, you can submit an application from March to May. You can submit an application between December 1stand mid-February if you are a sophomore or higher. Next, learn about special grants for college that are available for students who are minorities.

Next, learn about special grants for college that are available for students who are minorities.

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