One of the best parts of all the new technology that allows working from home to be so easy, is that it has made learning from home to do easy too. Now, you don’t need to stand at the front of a classroom to be a teacher or a tutor. Whether you want to work some extra hours helping children study for a tricky subject, or you dream of teaching English to adults in foreign countries as a full-time occupation, you can do it all from your home office.

And the best part is: you can make an average salary of $39,000 a year doing it. All you need to tutor from home is good internet connection and webcam. Nowadays, with software like Skype, FaceTime, Slack, Google Hangouts and more, you can host face-to-face classes whenever it suits your schedule. If you have a background in a certain field, like writing or mathematics, you can advertise your skills and start tutoring for money.

Tutor or Translator Jobs: Work to Help Clients Remotely

As the world continues to globalize and digitize, getting in touch with other countries and cultures is easier than ever. So in the totally interconnected world of today, there’s a huge market for translators

Today, the median yearly salary for remote, work-from-home translators is $49,930. You can decide whether you want to work full-time or take on translation projects as a freelancer to make extra income.

Translation projects may require you to translate a long book, or smaller projects like translating legal documents.

To be a translator, all you have to do is be fluent in two languages. If you speak more than two languages, you will have even more opportunities for translator work. You can be a freelance translator, or work for a specific company. 

Either way, all you’ll need is a computer, so you can translate written or audio materials from one language to the other. And if you know more than two languages, expect your salary to climb.

If you grew up speaking a language, you may not need any credentials. However, anyone may get a degree or a certificate in a language if they wish to invest formal time in learning or enhancing their language ability. If your translation work requires mostly written translation, you may not need to be very proficient at speaking the language.

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